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Origin K9

Dynamic Hard Strop

Dynamic Hard Strop

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A truly dynamic piece of equipment for the full spectrum of canine operations.

These strops allow rapid changes in length and quick release from the handler end.

Whether stropped into a crowded aerial asset, moving in close proximity to danger or assaulting a stronghold, the Dynamic Hard Strop is with you all the way.


 - 25mm / 1" Snap Shackle (quick release)

 - Kong Frog Clip option: 25kN / 5620lb Load Rating

 - Steel Snap Clip option

 - Swivel

 - 25mm / 1" MilSpec Nylon Webbing

 - Australian Made


 - Hands free movement

 - No twists

 - Quick release

 - Quick attachment

 - Gripped handle

 - Tactile reference points

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