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Operator Reward Pouch

Operator Reward Pouch

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A food or toy pouch for extended range, close quarters or patrol work. 

A closed mouth to ensure food or equipment does not get jettisoned when you are on the move. 

It can be clipped to your belt quickly or MOLLE'd on for extended and permanent use. 


 - 3M magnetic strips

 - 3 x 2 MOLLE rows

 - Belt clip attachment

 - MOLLE attachment

 - Velcro for callsigns

 - Zip pocket

 - 1000 Denia Cordura

 - Australian Made


 - Closed mouth for retention

 - Multiple attachment options

 - Storage for small equipment such as clickers

 - Velcro for patches

 - Waterproof lining to reduce leaking oils and saliva

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