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Origin K9

K9 - TV (Tactical Vest)

K9 - TV (Tactical Vest)

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Designed to be roped, carried, integrated with camera systems, taken tracking or for banging it in, the K9-TV is security and safety in one package.

Easy to put on and easier to remove for quick changes in the operating environment.

We have taken heat and weight into consideration and want this vest to be as versatile as your working environment. 


 - 3 x low profile handles

 - ToughTek grip

 - MilSpec Nylon Webbing 17337

 - 1000 Denia Cordura

 - 6 x GT Cobra buckles: 2.2kN / 485lb Load rating

 - Central handle for A frame or suitcase carry

 - TP21 MilSpec Heavyweight Mesh

 - Front or rear lead attachment options

 - Zip on/off

 - Cyalume stowage


 - Quick on and off

 - Armour and cooling sleeves

 - Multiple handling options

 - Removable mesh for heat or weight consideration

 - Additions for climbing or roping

 - Minimised snag hazards

Sizing tip:

Unsure what size you need?
Measure your K9 where indicated below: Behind front legs



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