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Origin K9

Systems Integrated Collar

Systems Integrated Collar

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The Systems Integrated Collar is as versatile as your mission.

Customisable for handler preference and able to stand up to any operating environment.

It is easily integrated with pinch, slip or electric systems. 


 - Spacer Mesh Neck padding

 - 38mm / 1.5" GT Cobra Buckle: 2.2kN / 485lb Load rating

 - MilSpec Nylon Webbing 17337

 - Steel Para V-Ring

 - ToughTek Grip

 - Australian Made

 - Bungee loops

 - Velcro loop


 - Velcro for name patches

 - Lightweight

 - Ambidextrous lead attachment

 - Handle options

 - Integrated with multiple electric systems

 - Integrated with multiple manual systems


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