Meet The Team Behind Origin K9

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Tom Brown - Owner / Founder

Origin K9's Tom spend 12 years in the Australian Army. He has deployed to the Middle East multiple times as an Infantry and Special Forces soldier as well as conducting Domestic Counter Terrorism. 

Tom was a K9 handler with the Second Commando Regiment and fulfilled that role as a member of the Tactical Assault Group (East) as part of the Special Forces Domestic Counter-Terrorism capability. 

With his career ending abruptly in 2019 due to a mental injury. Tom wanted to find a way to stay connected, and contribute to, the working K9 community. This is why Tom started Origin K9 and began manufacturing industry specific equipment. 

He also developed dual role K9s for government agencies and trained pet dogs before starting Origin K9 manufacturing in 2022.

This is where he noticed a severe lack of industry support for the K9 industry from our own shores. 

Tom is committed to providing the best equipment possible to the K9 handlers still doing their jobs on the front line of Policing or the battlefield and sees himself and Origin K9 as a way to enhance that capability. 

He knows all too well the reality of operations and the struggles that can be faced by Military and Police members and sees the struggles faced by those members still conducting operations or having transitioned out of the service.

Tom started the Origin K9 podcast as a way to remain connected with the community and ensure that their voices are heard.

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Catherine Lee - Warehouse Manager

Catherine is our lead sewing machine operator and product developer. 

She has over 15 years experience in the garment industry having owned her own alteration business for a number of years as well as being a graphic designer. 

Catherine has a family history of Policing and knows the realities facing those who serve on various frontlines. 

She is extremely skilled in a variety of sewing disciplines and has taken to the tactical world like no one's business! 

With big expansions taking place at Origin K9, Catherine is preparing for her new role as warehouse manager and team leader.