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Why use a flat dog collar?

Why use a flat dog collar?

So why use a flat collar? 

1. Safety and control. 

Why do we teach our dogs anything? Why do we keep them behind fences? Why do we keep them on a leash? Because if we didn't, society would be a little more chaotic. 

So consider this, if we are so intent on banning or restricting Police K9s, is there a suggestion that they are potentially dangerous or at the very least, a danger to themselves? We use flat collars to stop dogs attacking each other, killing small animals, running on roads, knocking over old people or any other reason you can imagine. 

Whether you have an aggressive working dog, a scared pet or a Police K9, a flat collar is essential a restraint device to stop a dog making dog decisions in a human world. 

A simple dog collar?

The Patrol Collar

2. Versatility

They don't have to just be a circle with a clip. What about integrating with other collars you use? 

At the end of the day if you are a Police K9 handler, a Military dog handler or even someone with an active outdoor lifestyle, you may use other methods of control to enhance what you do. 

We designed a collar that could be used stand alone or integrated with the other dog collars you use, such as electrics or manual systems (slips/prongs etc.). 

And here it is! Versatility in a tactical dog collar:

The Systems Integrated Collar

3. Suitability to the environment

Not everyone wants a dog collar with a handle. Not everyone wants a hectic looking tactical dog collar. 

Simplicity should always be an option. 

We designed the Silent Collar for jungle operations however, as a lightweight, super strong and simple dog collar, this one is hard to go past. 

No metal components and 2.2kN of strength at it's weakest point, we know this is the dog collar you'll need for anything you do with your K9. 

Silent Collar

We hope this article was helpful in choosing the best flat dog collar for your needs. 

We have more articles on the way, none of which are written by AI!