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Best Dog Collar?

Best Dog Collar?

So what is the best dog collar you should get? 

The best dog collar you can get is something with a strong buckle, easy to use, lightweight, UV treated materials and the option of a handle. Sizing is an important factor as well as colour options to suit your ole or dog's coat. 

For us the all rounder is our Patrol Collar. It ticks all the boxes above and is the best dog collar for pet dogs, Police K9s, dog training or security and guard dog work. 


Always consider the role and function of your dog collar.

Do I need a dog collar with a handle for control or a low profile collar for minimal snag hazards? 

Do I need a load rated buckle for emergencies and extra safety? 

Do you want padding for comfort?

Will your dog be in the sun a lot so you need a collar that is UV treated? 

Asking yourself a series of good quality questions will give you good quality answers. 


Make no mistake about it, your dog collar is a safety device. It is often the only thing standing between a car accident, dog fight or injury to people or dogs. 

Consider what environments you will be in and the implications of having an insufficient dog collar that is not suitable. 


What breed of dog do you have? Are they a working dog like a German Shepherd or Malinois? 

Are they a pet dog with minimal exercise requirements?

That can often be the difference between a chunky tactical dog collar with a handle or a small slip collar. 

Here are the options for both:

Chunky tactical dog collar: Patrol Collar


Small slip collar: Slip Collar

Training, Operations or Daily life? 


Training dog collars like slip collars are excellent for control or inducing specific outcomes such as -R, +R, -P, +P. They can be tightened or loosened manually or in proportion to a dog's behaviour. That is what makes this collar the ideal dog training collar. 

Slip Collar


If you have a working K9 and want something a little more specific to your role or have extra pieces of equipment such as e-collars or prong collars, the Systems Integrated Collar is probably best for you. 

It is the same design as the Patrol Collar but can integrate easily with electric systems or manual systems such as the slip collar or prong collar. 

It offers easy to access collar options with minimal fuss and keeps all your collars aligned without slipping. 

Systems Integrated Collar

Daily Life

If it is daily life and pet ownership you are chasing a dog collar for, you can't go past the Patrol Collar. 

Simple in design, strong, UV treated, load rated buckle, handle options and colour options as well as a range of sizes. 

It is the best all rounder we have and will be able to transition from the home, streets or training very easily. 

Patrol Collar

Thanks for reading this article on the best dog collar you should get. Remember, consider the roles, safwty requirements and breed of dog you have before making a collar selection.